Alumni Advisory Board

  • Overview


    Alumni Advisory Boards (AAB) are made up of several members who support the undergraduate chapter in various aspect of chapter management. Board members can be Sigma Nu Alumni, parents, faculty of staff member of the host institution, and men or women who want to support the undergraduate chapter. The purpose of the board is as follows:


    • Advisor, guide, and mentor collegiate members and officers
    • Provide ongoing support for the chapter and its officers through periods of transitions
    • Create long-term continuity among the chapter and the alumni
    • Preserve organiation knowledge from year to year. 


    Interested in Getting Involved? 

    Contact the Alumni Advisory Board Chairman, Mike Dilbeck, if you are interested in getting involved with TCU Sigma Nu Chapter.



    Mike Dilbeck


    Alumni Advisory Board Chairman


    Mike serves as the Alumn Advisory Board Chairman and is an alumnus of the TCU Chapter. Mike was a founding father of the Sigma Nu chapter at TCU back in the late 1980s. Since that time, Mike served for two years as Assistant Executive Director for Sigma Nu International Fraternity and produced more than 20 video programs and two international conventions for the fraternity. Utilizing the skills gain from that position, Mike started his own company and is a professional speaker, that works with college campuses, nonprofit companies, and corporations across the United States. He enjoys playing tennis, biking and has run five marathons, three half marathons and cycled in 12 long-distance AIDS Rides around the country.