• Sigma Nu places a strong emphasis on prioritizing academices. Our brothers are students first and fraternity members second. This starts with the recruitment process as we target men who are committed to academic success. Typically our academic standards for recruitment are a 3.0 grade point average or above. In addition, throughout the L.E.A.D program, the importance of academic achievement is stressed, and members are taught skills that will help them succeed academically. 


    Our fraternity has a scholarship plan in place that promotes academic excellence, connects members to campus resources, provides incentives for brothers who achieve, and supports members who struggle. Study hours, academic workshops, and peer support has helped Sigma Nu’s members to achieve at a higher level.


    The TCU Sigma Nu Chapter is proud to announce that we earned a 3.356 average GPA in the fall of 2023. This puts us in 2nd place among TCU's 11 fraternities. This average is higher than:

    -- All Greek men's average for the fall semester 
    -- All Non Affiliated undergraduate average for semester 
    -- All Non Affiliated undergraduate men for semester 
    -- All undergraduate average for semester 
    -- All undergraduate men average for semester
    -- The national Sigma Nu chapter average (3.0)